How good is EC - Telegraph

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How good is EC - Telegraph

Beitrag von xela156 » Di 28. Apr 2015, 20:07

nachstehend ein Artikel vom Telegraph über EC mit Interviews von ua Bonamassa.

Folgendes Zitat finde ich besonders treffend: "Whatever you do on rock guitar, as soon as it starts to scream and sound remotely good, you are going to sound a little bit like Eric. It’s part of the DNA and dictionary of those sounds. You are never going to get that far away from that early primal cry of his." ... apton.html


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Re: How good is EC - Telegraph

Beitrag von Twombly » Di 28. Apr 2015, 23:04

I can't agree more with JB
"He is still the best in the world, for my money," according to contemporary blues virtuoso Joe Bonamassa. "I think a musician's ability to reinvent their playing is the most important quality they could have. Eric’s playing has a depth of life in it now that wasn't there in 1966. Just listen to Groaning the Blues from the album From the Cradle (1994) and tell me if it is not one of greatest recorded blues solos of time? Or River of Tears from One More Car, One More Rider (2002). He’s just on fire, like he is saying to all kids – beat that! He’s still the man.