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R.i.P. Fats Domino

Beitragvon EricsBadge » Mi 25. Okt 2017, 15:57

Gerade kommt die Meldung, Rock & Roll Legende Fats Domino ist mit 89 Jahren verstorben.
Hier vor Jahren in Holland Live beim Den Haag Jazz Festival: "I'm Walking"

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Re: R.i.P. Fats Domino

Beitragvon wolfi » Mi 25. Okt 2017, 18:22

Und wieder einer ...
Das letzte Mal hatte ich von ihm gehört als Hurricane-Betroffener snopes hat eine ausführliche Würdigung.
Ein kleiner Auszug hier:
“New Orleans roots are evident in the Creole inflected cadences that add richness and depth to the performance.”

Domino became a global star but stayed true to his hometown, where his fate was initially unknown after Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005. It turned out that he and his family were rescued by boat from his home, where he lost three pianos and dozens of gold and platinum records, along with other memorabilia.
In appearance, he was no Elvis Presley. He stood 5-feet-5 and weighed more than 200 pounds, with a wide, boyish smile and a haircut as flat as an album cover. But Domino sold more than 110 million records, with hits including “Blueberry Hill,” ”Ain’t It a Shame” and other standards of rock ‘n’ roll.

He was one of the first 10 honorees named to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the Rolling Stone Record Guide likened him to Benjamin Franklin, the beloved old man of a revolutionary movement.

Blueberry Hill wird mir immer unvergesslich bleiben - ich hörte es mit meinem kleinen Radio auf AFN, 1957, mal gerade 14 Jahre alt ...
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