Roger Waters, Shakira, & Eric Clapton collaboration

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Roger Waters, Shakira, & Eric Clapton collaboration

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Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Shakira, & Eric Clapton collaboration
Roger Waters, the founder of the band Pink Floyd, has penned a new song titled "The Child Will Fly" in support of Shakira's ALAS Foundation for Early Childhood Education. The song is intended to help raise awareness about the importance of early education as a tool for children, with financial and cultural projects hopefully opening a world of greater possibilities.

The track is 12 minutes long and features different Latin and international artists like Shakira, Eric Clapton, and Argentine Gustavo Cerati.

The video for the track was filmed at the beginning of March in Buenos Aires. A release for the song and video has yet to be officially announced.
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Roger Water hat den Song bereits 2008 eingespielt u. im März 2012 in Buenos Aires das Video dazu gedreht.

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