Pedrito Martinez & EC

Aktuelles und Vergangenes aus seinem Leben und seiner Musik
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Pedrito Martinez & EC

Beitrag von layla » Do 27. Feb 2020, 12:15

Hier ein sehr entspannter EC im Video mit Pedrito Martinez:
"I had a amazing time in England during the recording of my new album, where I had the honor to have my dear friend Eric Clapton as a special guest on 3 songs. But, the most beautiful part was when we start listening Eric’s African music playlist. That definitely was a indescribable feeling. Thanks a lot my brother, I deeply appreciate it. Longevity, much love and rain of blessings for you and your beautiful family!!!"
(Martinez) ... 491379417/

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Re: Pedrito Martinez & EC

Beitrag von EricsBadge » Do 13. Aug 2020, 15:55

Neue Single von der Pedrito Martinez Band & EC. Mit Szenen von den Studio-Aufnahmen: ... j7p0dJYQzw
PM_EC 2020 "My Father's Eyes".jpg
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