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R.I.P. Jamie Oldaker

Verfasst: Do 16. Jul 2020, 22:06
von swlabr
Lese gerade, dass Jamie Oldaker gestorben ist. ... 81376/?d=n

Traurige Grüße

Re: R.I.P. Jamie Oldaker

Verfasst: Fr 17. Jul 2020, 06:36
von EricsBadge
Nein! Das ist wirklich ein herber Verlust!

Re: R.I.P. Jamie Oldaker

Verfasst: Fr 17. Jul 2020, 08:02
von EricsBadge
Eric's Statement zum Tod von Jamie:


My life had been in serious decline when I was introduced to Jamie, the hard drug had taken its toll and I had lost interest in pretty much everything....
Carl Radle, the wonderful man who played with me in the Dominos and knew about my predicament, sent me a message along with a cassette, saying “you have to hear these kids”, I listened and something woke up in me, I wanted to play again...
‘The kids’ of course were Jamie Oldaker and Dickie Sims, who along with Carl we’re in Tulsa making incredible, sophisticated music, it had everything...
I jumped at the proposition, and we began our momentous journey...

We went as far as we could go, (with me as the annoying burden most of the time), but on the way we made incredible music , sometimes cool, sometimes crazy, but always with a supreme pocket thanks to those guys, all I had to do was float along on top and sometimes just try to stay conscious..
Then another crisis, which separated us all for a while, and I was finding it hard to get back in the saddle, I called Jamie, and for the second time, he saved my bacon...
I have no trouble explaining or defining jamie’s music, it’s easy; to begin with it’s his sound, he has the best snare sound I’ve ever heard, he has the best restrained fills I’ve ever heard, and his bass drum is as solid as rock, he is unique, and the pocket is always perfect.
The kind of man he is, matches his drums, he is as solid as rock and I could listen to him talk all night long, many times I have, his knowledge is a wink and a sparkle in his eye, which says everything...

I listen to ‘Slowhand’ now and then to try and remember what it is I’m supposed to be doing. and I end up listening to Jamie and saying to my wife “did you hear that ?” What more can I say...

Much love and respect to ‘the man’ xxx

Eric C

Re: R.I.P. Jamie Oldaker

Verfasst: Fr 17. Jul 2020, 13:33
von Uli
Ich habe es eben auch auf Eric´s FB seite gelesen.
Er muss wohl lange Krebs gehabt haben.


Re: R.I.P. Jamie Oldaker

Verfasst: Sa 18. Jul 2020, 08:39
von Squonk
schöne Worte von Eric!