Joao Gilberto R.i.P.

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Joao Gilberto R.i.P.

Beitrag von EricsBadge » Mo 8. Jul 2019, 15:03

Ein weiterer Gitarrist hat diese Welt verlassen, der einen gewissen Einfluss auf Eric hatte.
In einem Interview zur Zeit von "Reptile" hat Eric diese Antworten gegeben:

Q: A lot of your fans will be surprised by the samba feel and jazzy tone of the album’s title track.

EC: Last year, I had a chance to see Joao Gilberto perform in Brazil. Someone told me that was a rare occurrence-he’s very eccentric and unreliable, so you’ll be lucky to see him once in your lifetime. So I thought that was a blessing. He played for a long time-maybe three hours-and he didn’t speak or acknowledge the audience at all. He just sat on a stool with his lyrics all over the floor and performed so perfectly that it was frightening. Seeing him had a profound effect on me, so I think “Reptile” represents where I want to go next.

Q: Playing over a samba groove didn’t feel strange to you?

EC: There’s something about flamenco and samba music that has a blues feel to me. That makes it easy for me to slip into.
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