Jimi Hendrix Live at the R.A.H.

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Jimi Hendrix Live at the R.A.H.

Beitrag von EricsBadge » Sa 5. Okt 2019, 13:46

One of the greatest and most anticipated unseen treasures in musical history will finally be revealed for one night only when the feature-length film The Jimi Hendrix Experience: The Royal Albert Hall, screens at the very venue it was filmed.

This has long been considered the holy grail of ‘lost’ films. It has never before been released on any format nor commercially screened anywhere in the world. It has remained unseen and been the subject of death, litigation and intrigue since its creation fifty years ago.

It presents an extraordinary performance by the Jimi Hendrix Experience and chronicles the hours leading up to 24 February 1969 concert, with the crew granted unprecedented backstage access to Hendrix and his team throughout the day.

To prepare the film for this unique anniversary screening, producer Jerry Goldstein and Glenn Stone of The Last Experience, together with Janie Hendrix and John McDermott from Experience Hendrix, have painstakingly restored all of the original 16mm colour film elements and prepared this feature length presentation.
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Re: Jimi Hendrix Live at the R.A.H.

Beitrag von Uli » Sa 5. Okt 2019, 16:50

Das heißt wir werden es irgendwann auf DVD bekommen! :D

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Re: Jimi Hendrix Live at the R.A.H.

Beitrag von Stevie » Sa 5. Okt 2019, 19:00

das vermute ich auch, wahrscheinlich zu Weihnachten, damit die Enkel etwas zu verschenken haben. :lol:

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